During Arena ITT the PSV Pavilion is open. At this place, you can have a drink on Saturday and Sunday, including some snacks of the refuel-buffet. The buffet contains pies, TikTok-wraps, sandwiches, cruesli, a hamburger and other food. On Friday we serve some drinks and a little snack.

Please notice: pin only!

For teams we have the following offer:

  1. Lunch box, Saturday / Sunday between 12.00 and 12.30 pm (€6,50 per box)
    The lunchbox will contain a pulled-chicken sandwich, sandwich cheese, egg, yoghurt drink, currant bun, fruit and a surprise (provisionary)
  2. Pasta (warm), Saturday / Sunday (€ 7,50 per portion)
  3. Goodbye box, Sunday between 3 and 6 pm (€ 6,50)

The goodbye box contains similar items as the lunch box

Of course the food is fitted to the needs of the swimmer, before, during and after the swimming competition. Unfortunately, we cannot meet any dietary restrictions.

Boxes and pasta can only be ordered per team and in advance, so not during the tournament. For your order you can use the form below until March 5th, 2023. After payment, your order is confirmed.